HR Significance in Simple Moments. Achieving HR Significance.
Date: Mar 22, 2019 Beginning at 8:00 AM
Session Duration

Learning Objective
1. Identify opportunities to engage in unique ways that influence a positive culture.
2. Deliver moments of magic that make a difference and enhance employee attitudes.
3. Learn to appreciate the simple moments to balance our lives for maximum impact, happiness and efficiency.

Session Description
Organizations today want teams who are engaged, passionate, and purposeful in their work. They’re hungry for the how-to’s that can help everyone from the person answering the phone to the one in the corner office understand their significance and treat every opportunity and relationship as the main event that it is rather than the dress rehearsal it is not. We often don’t realize that successful relationships are not a ‘thing’ we conquer; they are a series of significant moments that matter. When we understand that significance is not something we can personally create, but rather something that is gifted to us – we can make the shifts necessary to stand-out in our careers, communities and life.

Session Speaker

Jon Petz

Bore No More, LLC

More About Jon Petz

Jon Petz is an engagement expert, Author, business magician and former corporate executive. He’s delivered over 1200 keynote presentations for HR, SHRM and world leading brands of all sizes and provides the perfect trifecta of relevant education, inspiration mixed with hysterical stories and entertainment.  

Jon is a frequent presenter at SHRM state and national conferences and a SHRM member himself. He is the founder of Bore No More,™ an idea lab for increasing personal and employee engagement and the author of several books, including the top-selling titles, “Boring Meetings Suck” and “Significance In Simple Moments.” 

The USA Today, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, ABC News, Success Magazine and many other media outlets have covered the success of Jon Petz as an author, thought leader and engagement expert.  

As an Ohio resident, Jon is excited to be a part of NOHRC and meeting the local HR pros around the Cleveland area.