Maximizing People Data To Drive Business Results
Date: Mar 22, 2019 Beginning at 11:30 AM
Session Duration
1 Hour

Learning Objective
1. Apply a practical and proven methodology for implementing HR analytics.
2. Scale your analytics to all leaders at all levels in your organization.
3. Develop a business case and expected ROI for HR initiatives.
4. Learn the Business Partner RoadMap for using practical analytics that show business impact.

Session Description
We know HR practices impact an organization's bottom line, but HR leaders often fail to demonstrate this to executives. This program will describe how HR can shift its focus from typical HR outcomes of interest such as employee engagement or job satisfaction, to business outcomes such as customer satisfaction and financial performance. You'll learn how to go beyond slicing and dicing HR data and start demonstrating direct connections to business metrics that matter most to leaders.

Session Speaker

Scott Mondore

Managing Partner

More About Scott Mondore

Scott Mondore is an executive, turnaround-CEO, technology innovator and best-selling author & speaker with over 20 years of experience in the areas of HR technology, analytics, strategy, talent management, measurement, sales and customer experience.  

Scott is the managing partner of Strategic Management Decisions (SMD)—an HR technology company with the only patented assessment tools that link data to business outcomes with customized action planning tools. Before SMD, he served as East Region President for a large survey/assessment company. Before that, Scott worked as a Corporate Strategy Director at Maersk, Inc. He also worked as an Organizational Effectiveness Leader at UPS, focusing on employee assessment and measurement.   

He is the co-author of three best-sellers: “Investing in What Matters: Linking Employees to Business Outcomes” (SHRM, 2009), “Business-Focused HR: 11 Processes to Drive Results” (SHRM, 2011) and “Predicting Business Success: Using Smarter Analytics to Drive Outcomes (SHRM, 2018). He has also published numerous articles in prestigious business and psychology journals in the areas of leadership effectiveness, employee litigation, assessments and employee safety. Scott recently won the Walker Award for ‘best advances in state-of-the-are HR practice and thinking’ from HRPS for his article “Maximizing the Impact of HR Analytics to Drive Business Outcomes”. Scott holds a master's degree and doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from The University of Georgia.