Leadership Influence
Date: Mar 22, 2019 Beginning at 11:30 AM
Session Duration
1 Hour

Learning Objective
1. How to engage in thoughtful disagreement and to get everyone to work together, even though everyone may not agree with each other.
2. Qualities of an effective leader and how to apply them in simple practical affairs.
3. How to shine as a leader, online, on social media, as an influencer.

Session Description
Leadership is influence. How effective we are as leaders is based on how much we influence, connect, and equip others, to become better leaders. Leadership is less about position, more about disposition. Effective leaders plan their work and work their plan. They get everyone to work together as a team. Leaders, listen well. They communicate well, verbally, in body language, in their Facebook Posts, in their LinkedIn Posts, and in their e-mail messages. They get people to work together. Effective leaders have a good grasp of emotional intelligence in marketing and interpersonal skills. A leader gets tested during difficult times. Leaders stretch with challenges. Followers struggle with challenges. Proper leadership in a workplace is vital because, it affects the bottom line. Proper leadership determines whether or not a company, city, or association remains “in” business or goes “out” of business.

Session Speaker

Preethi Fernando

Author, Speaker
Preethi Fernando

More About Preethi Fernando

Preethi Fernando is the author of six books including "17 Women Who Shook the World," a book on leadership. She is the winner of Stephen King's Haven Foundation Award, given to one author every year. Originally from the exotic island of Sri Lanka Preethi now calls Loveland, Colorado, her home.