Michelle Ridella and James Lundquist

Senior Consultant;Director of Talent Development

Sessions With Michelle Ridella and James Lundquist

It’s not what you think: Raising consciousness around unconscious bias
Date: Mar 23, 2018 Beginning at 3:15 AM

More About Michelle Ridella and James Lundquist


Ms. Ridella brings many years of professional Human Resources experience to PRADCO.  She has spearheaded HR initiatives in organizations ranging from banking and financial services to manufacturing.  A certified coach and trainer, she has contributed significantly to the growth of PRADCO’s Leadership Development and training initiatives since joining the company.  She has designed and delivered training programs on Behavioral Interviewing and facilitated numerous focus groups designed to assist organizations in the identification and assessment of core competencies.  

A skilled assessor and coach, Ms. Ridella also contributes to clients’ hiring and development initiatives by providing behavioral assessments for cultural and job-specific fit ,and coaching highpotential leaders for performance enhancement and promotional opportunities.  Ms. Ridella maintains her certification in Human Resources and serves as a mentor and workshop facilitator to assist others in obtaining their professional certifications.  She also spearheads PRADCO’s Wellness Program and serves as the company’s resident yoga instructor.

Ms. Ridella serves on the Alzheimer’s Association Walk Committee and is involved in a variety of charity events. She is also active on the committee for the Women’s Leadership Conference of Northeast Ohio (WLCNEO) since its inception. 

AREAS OF INTEREST AND EXPERTISE • Executive leadership development, coaching and career management  • Individual development and career pathing for high-potential women leaders • Psychological and work style evaluation for organizational fit • Small group training in behavioral interviewing and assessment tools  • Safety forces assessment and development • Talent acquisition and development in nonprofit organizations

 EDUCATION Ms. Ridella earned her B.S. in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University and her M.S. in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University.  She has also recently received a professional certification offered by The National Society for Human Resource Management of SHRM-CP.



Since joining PRADCO in 2011, Mr. Lundquist has drawn extensively on his experience in Technology, Finance and Sales, as well as his background in Psychology.  He has a faculty for evaluating candidates’ skills and strengths to determine their fit within an organization and their readiness for expanded responsibility.  Specifically, he works with some of the company’s largest clients to evaluate executive-level candidates and help organizations identify the right person for key leadership positions.  

As an experienced coach, Mr. Lundquist works extensively with high-potential leaders to develop their skills and realize their ambitions.  He has designed and delivered coaching programs with management groups to support succession planning efforts for PRADCO’s key clients.  Additionally, Mr. Lundquist has been called upon for speaking engagements in the Northeast Ohio Human Resources community to help professionals understand ways to develop and deliver services that will have a significant organizational impact.  

Mr. Lundquist plays a significant role on PRADCO’s leadership team. He manages a portion of the consultant team and contributes to the strategic growth of PRADCO.  He has developed and oversees the Account Management program and works with consultants to ensure they provide high quality service to their clients. This role affords him the opportunity to interact with PRADCO clients and to be highly knowledgeable about trends in the talent management arena and business in general.  Finally, Mr. Lundquist serves as a trustee on the board of LifeAct, a non-profit organization helping teens recognize signs of depression to prevent suicide.  

AREAS OF INTEREST AND EXPERTISE • Psychological assessment and work style evaluation for organizational fit • Leadership and executive coaching and career management • Strategic account management and client support • Job analysis and benchmarking for success factors and culture • Small group training in supervisory and management skills • Standardization and utilization of evaluation tools and strategies across cultures

 EDUCATION Mr. Lundquist earned his B.A. in Psychology from Southwestern University and his M.A. in Psychology from Sam Houston State University